Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The only bit of scrapbooking I've ever done...pt1

During a recent move I thought I had to let go this massive file containing fabric studies (It weighs like a ton).

 During my first year studying in Milan, we had to compile a compendium of sorts of fabric samples of different weaves and materials. It was a tiresome and labor intensive exercise because first we had to collude with students who were keen enough to go to the fabric shop and ask for 10cm samples of  50+ fabrics.  Those kids did us (the rest of us who had to pay for the little fabric squares later in class) a huge favor, obviously saving us time and trouble. But the rest was all up to the individual, to find images as contextual examples where the fabric is generally utilized and the basic stats on each fabric. 

Even though I disliked the whole process for in the end it was merely a cut and paste job I could not bring myself to just do a half-assed job. I did have to buy magazines, Elle, Marie Claire and Amica because no way did I want to shred my Vogue Italia collection to pieces. Luckily at the local print office they left out random editions of foreign magazines, of very decent calibre- Vogue Espana, Vogue China, Vanity Fair just to name a few. That certainly made scurrying for images a whole lot more fun.

 I was satisfied with the end result  because I certainly tried to express each fabric's qualities through a relevant and fashion oriented image. The layout became an exercise in editorial work (though crude it may be) I still enjoyed flipping threw the pages and feeling like it somewhat resembled a fashion mag. 

I decided to scan the entire book as a keepsake because I really did have way too much stuff to pack but in the end I managed to lug it to my new place, so yeah it's still there.
Title page: Tessuti & Materiali


 Cottons: Batista (Cambric)

nb. All those photos and future photos under  'scrapbooking' are scans. The images come from magazine spreads that have been physically cut out to be rearranged for purpose of school assessment.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Autumn Harvest

The fruiterer and florist eschew the charm of Mediterranean coastal cities despite wintry conditions. enchanting to see the abundance of produce and colors on a dreary Milano night

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fruits of the Olive Tree

Touch down! Just thought this sweet little photo of an olive tree growing on the side of the street in downtown Nice would be a good (nice) way to kick off my blog. It was fascinating to see each of the olives in different phases of maturation even when growing on the same tree. And yes I was tempted to reach out and pick one!